This week’s featured artists are Vicky Carr & Chris Shearston who together make up Textbook Studio . We came to learn of their story and work through their designs and labels for Cloudwater Brew Co.⁣

Learn about their process, how they are always on the search for unique textures and patterns so much that you may find them on the floor scanning at a pub or getting excited during the next time your computer crashes and displays the ultimate glitch. We also spend a little longer than usual discussing toilets, but it all ties things together.⁣⁣

This team is creating unique works for Paul Jones and the team at Cloudwater, but are also doing a lot of other wonderful projects that make their story special. Believing in themselves from the beginning and deciding to go for it by being true to their visions is inspiring and motivation. ⁣⁣

I took a lot away from this one and know you will too. Enjoy and let us know if you can find a good island for us all to use for the next event.⁣