This week’s featured artist is Erica Melhus. We came to learn of her work through our love of Maine and the labels she has done for Norway Brewing Co. of which she is a co-owner and founder.

Erica will also be one of the featured artists at The Art of Craft Beer: HUBBUB which is happening in Bridgton, Maine at The All Roads Hub on September 28th and 29th. for more information.

It is rare that we get to sit down and spend time with someone before we interview them and honestly if we can avoid it we try and make that part of the process, to make the experience genuine and organic. With that said there are exceptions to every rule and this is definitely one of them. As you may have heard me rant on about (just a ‘few times’), I love Maine and value my time there. We try and spend as much time each year as possible, so when the opportunity to collaborate with Norway on a beer for the event it was truly special.

Her work and perspective on life are rooted in nature and enjoying life. It is contagious and positive and genuine which is obvious. Sit back and relax with this one and hopefully, you can feel that vibe and energy too.