This week’s featured artist is Hugo Trejo. We came to learn of Hugo through his work with Saint Errant Brewing & More Brewing.  

This hard working passionate artist and father is really inspiring. His love of art and drawing is part of his core makeup and something that is drawn to do every day. His versality and willingness to try different things is part of his style and why people enjoy his work. Many of these mediums that he utilizes are self taught with a focus on just doing good work. We would say that his work is great and that it continues to impress and wow us with each piece. A craft beer enthusiast that is playing a key role in the growth of these breweries and their brands which makes it even more exciting.

Learn about his holiday cars - Halloween and Christmas, his stunning portraits as well as his process. We are happy that we have made the cut and will be on the list for this year’s version. The bar is set pretty high for what could be next in that adventure which started off as a personal project for him, which I think is great advice for someone starting out and looking to push themselves.