This week's featured artist is Mainer extraordinaire Ryan Adams of Better Letter Hand Painted Signs. We came to learn of the can he did with Goodfire Brewing Co. and used that as a no brainer excuse to learn about his story and get him on the podcast. A great perspective on life, working hard and doing what you love.

A hard working passionate artist who shares his story and how being in the right place at the right time while being true to his love and calling has made for a booming career with a unique style that is vibrant and full of life. As a long time fan of graffiti artwork and murals having the opportunity to connect with Ryan was perfect. The ability to utilize typography, geometry and lively colors is part of his signature style that he uses to bring to life these local communities and businesses.

Our love for Maine is well documented and continues to grow as we count down the days to our return (for those scoring at home August 8th!!). It is because of the work of Ryan and so many others that the amount of time we spend in Vacationland each year continues to grow, because it is really unlike any place I have been in my life. Art, food, music and the obvious beer all wrapped around a common vision of community and support of each other. Listen to the amount of names and respect shown for so many others that takes place in this episode with ease.