This week's featured artist is James Ockelford the founder of the UK branding and design firm Refold. We came to learn of him through his work with North Brewing Co. and have been following along ever since. A fun story of how he got started through music and creating visuals for bands and doing something that he loved.

Not only does James support the vision and visuals for breweries and brands, but he is a fan of the craft and supporter of others in the space and industry which is refreshing and wonderful. In August of last year he finalized his creation an impressive book ‘The Crushable Canvas’, which he was so kind to send to me. It meant the world to me and is inspiring us to push forward with a book about this project too.

Another friend made in another country. One of the joys of this project and really more than I could have ever imagined when we were brainstorming this project in ’16. So many amazing artists and designers from all over and our job is to share them with you each week. Not a bad job at all.