This week’s featured artist is Drew Mullen. Drew is a CT based artist who I happen to connect with over 5 years ago at a Bridgeport, CT disc golf course and I have been following his career ever since. One of his main mediums of focus is scratchpad, which from the jump I was drawn to for its use of black and white and depth. Drew has worked with many breweries including but not limited to The Alchemist, Foam and Brewport as well as being a high school art teacher, father and avid disc golfer. 

A great discussion about life, art and the Boston Red Sox. The second of our season 10 teacher showcases passion and love for something bigger than one’s self. We discuss how he got started working with the Alchemist and Foam, which to me is a great example and lesson for folks who are always asking how they can break into the industry. It isn’t easy. You have to work hard and continue to push yourself.