This week’s featured artist is Benny Miller. We came to learn of this artist through our friends over Cans Pittsburgh who included The Robotic Wolf IPA from ShuBrew in a beer mail box as an extra. I immediately was drawn to the label and loved that it linked to the artist right on the can. Great promo and support of the artist, but also makes my life a lot easier from a research perspective.

He and I spoke last night just a few days ago about his love of art, how art class was his spot and how he has come full circle to be a high-school art teacher in Pittsburgh which allows him to do something he loves, pay the bills and explore his other passions which we would both describe as fan art realism.

Learn about what his next level is going to be, why he creates the prints that he does and advice for someone looking to make a career in art. An honest and laid back conversation with someone who is working in one of the most honorable yet under appreciated professions in the land, teaching. As summer approaches and end of the year for many schools this a great chance to celebrate these special individuals.