This week’s featured artist is JP Flexner who we came to learn of through his work with Neshaminy Creek Brewing Co. Anytime I get the opportunity to call folks back in my hometown of Philadelphia it seems like a huge win for me and the project and this case was no different. JP’s story is a great one of someone who loves his craft, is true to himself and does what he does for the love and joy of creating imagery, branding and characters.

Listen to us geek out over music and life with ease and comfort that couldn’t be forced. Hear how he is trying to take my gig as the interviewer with his upcoming round table for Philly Beer Week (just messing’ JP!) A fun episode and perspective on the power of topography too. One of the big joys was his client base and those folks he choose to align himself with and how their mission and vision impacts his choice to partner with them. He gives all of himself to them and it is much more than a business relationship when you get to hear him talk about them. It will have you look at his book of business and portfolio with a unique appreciation that much like his relationships, can’t be forced.