This week’s featured artist is Nathan Sturdivant . We came to learn of him through his work with Hog River Brewing Co. and their sour beer series. His unique style and vibrant designs screamed to me that I needed to find out who the artist was to have them as a guest on the podcast. I am so glad I did as he was a great guest. 

Learn how only four years ago he listened to his calling and went out to pick up paints and a canvas to express himself. The rest as they say is history and is part of his story and adventure to make the world a better place and impact that change through art. Continually evolving and finding himself is part of that process that he shared with us openly and honestly. A truly special person that is a perfect example of why we do this project.

The vibes were good and a connection was made. An upbeat and positive episode for everyone to enjoy.