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Episode 111 - Magge Gagliardi (Front Porch Brewing)

This week’s episode features the amazing talent that is Magge Gagliardi. We came to learn of her work through her labels with CT’s own Front Porch Brewing, but she has also done work with Collective Arts Brewing where she has been featured multiple times, Two Roads Brewing (2017 CONNARTIST Winner), Soundview Brewing and most recently had an art show at one of our favorite spots in New Haven, Three Sheets.

Hard working and passionate to describe her drive would be an understatement. If she’s not spending time bringing to life her bad-ass, creep, scary and cool Sasquatch Squad she can be found teaching at @shu in Fairfield, CT. Her versality crosses multiple mediums and allows her to customize each project, brand and design to meet the feel and vibe of her clients. A humble talent who shares her story, her process(es) and even some advice for those aspiring to make this a career.

A great example of hard work and dedication with an appreciation and excitement for the future. We look forward to the next chapter of The Sasquatch Squad series and look forward to the book coming to life. Artists like Magge inspire me to keep pushing myself and the project. I know you will walk away (or maybe get up or sit down - listening position is really an unknown) from this one feeling inspired and also answering YES to the question can you do X,Y or zed.

Also a bonus track from The Vox Hunters as we keep it in the family.

Episode 109 - Nathan Sturdivant (Hog River Brewing Co.)

Episode 109 - Nathan Sturdivant (Hog River Brewing Co.)

This week’s featured artist is Nathan Sturdivant . We came to learn of him through his work with Hog River Brewing Co. and their sour beer series. His unique style and vibrant designs screamed to me that I needed to find out who the artist was to have them as a guest on the podcast. I am so glad I did as he was a great guest. 

Learn how only four years ago he listened to his calling and went out to pick up paints and a canvas to express himself. The rest as they say is history and is part of his story and adventure to make the world a better place and impact that change through art. Continually evolving and finding himself is part of that process that he shared with us openly and honestly. A truly special person that is a perfect example of why we do this project.

The vibes were good and a connection was made. An upbeat and positive episode for everyone to enjoy.