This week’s featured artist is Hugh McCormick. We came to learn of Hugh through the work that he has done with Austin Street Brewery in Portland, Maine but his designs and portfolio are vast including Lululemon, Bissell Brothers Three Rivers and so much more. A natural storyteller, Hugh shares his journey and process in bringing a brand to life with his work as well as the path that lead him to call Vacationland home. 

Discussions on the importance and power of mental and physical health, yoga and even his love for Nickleback. As you can imagine, Hugh is honest to a fault and makes for a great guest. Stories of hard work and dedication to get to the next chapter of being able to run your own business are key themes that resonate so much with me and have been prominent throughout the project and this episode really supports that. Only way it would be better is if there was a way for me to write this in Comic Sans (/s). 

As we approach the century mark, I continue to sit back and reflect on our time together. I am truly blessed to be able to share the stories, adventures and passions of our amazing artist and designer family each week. Humble people who work hard doing what they love. Each person will take something different away from the episodes which is beautiful and more than I could have ever expected two years ago. Thank you for listening and giving me and the artists a platform.