This week’s featured artist is Caleb Luke Lin. We came to learn of his work by way of Michelle, The Brew Babe and her love of cider and advocacy for gluten free beverages. He does the labels, designs as well as story telling for Graft Cider which makes this a first for us, our first cider featured here. When you listen you’ll hear we had some fun with it and referred to this episode as the 12oz. Canvas - the Art of Craft Cider.

We took the time to explore his style and the foundation of his work and were able to draw an instant connection to two classes he remembered as being influential in school. To be able to tie it all together like that was a really enjoyable takeaway from the interview and episode. I wonder what experiences throughout our adventures has shaped us and who we are today. It is a nice introspective exercise that I am sure you will benefit from too. Looking at this layouts and designs (and even the photography he shares) can you guess what the two classes were?

Learn about his process, how he ended up in Brooklyn by way of Baltimore and even his love of the Ravens. We were happy we didn’t jinx them and they won last week.