This week’s featured artist is Peter-John de Villiers. PJ is our first guest by way of Norway, which is as exciting and interesting as his story and adventures. We came to learn of his beautiful and intricate designs through the vivid and intense can designs he has done for Amundsen Brewing.

Take time to enjoy his story and travels which started in South Africa landed him locally to us in CT then NYC for his spaghetti years and now to Norway where he has found his home that is his truest self. Through the support and passion for design in his family enjoy a great example in hard work and dedication to self, family and one’s calling. An Analog artist in a digital world doing work that is important and meaningful to him.

I value the stories and experiences and the shared connections I have with my guests and usually end up feeling that I take more away from it than I give back in return. We connect with many wonderful people all around the world and usually share a snapshot of their happy place and success, but that moment is on the back of so many challenges and hard moments and choices for them. When you listen I hope that you are inspired to be true to yourself and follow your heart. I know that this is advice that I could benefit from taking and putting into action.