This week’s featured artist is Conor Hunter. We came to learn of Conor through his vast portfolio, work with Moksa Brewing Co. and his great London recommendations.

A great meow story of passion, creativity and hard work. Learn how Conor got his start in the industry, his journey which led him to that point and his process when working on a project. The two of us discussed discussed design contests, their flaws and how folks can do better. A very relaxed and introspective interview that allows you to learn more about him and hopefully take away something that inspires or moves you too.

We connected from the jump and it allowed for us to share his story in a way that I think a lot of folks can relate. As a testament to his work ethic and vision, he took his opportunity to create a label and ran with it. Years later he is working with multiple breweries with an extensively impressive portfolio to support it.