This week’s featured artist is Michael Hacker. Michael is another great example of the power and reach of craft beer by being our first artist from Germany or Austria depending on the time of the year and his location. An incredible Illustrator who brings humor, life and energy to his works all while loving a good world play and pun. Our story connects us with him through his work with Dogfish Head and what a kick ass job he does for them in conjunction with the Off-Centered Artist series. What started as part of their Record Store Day involvement has grown to see him work on American Beauty, The Perfect Disguise, a reimagined 75 Minute IPA and much more including his most recent poster art for Beer Advocate 'Extreme Beer Fest', not to mention his many gig posters and his Pizza pun inspired book, Pizzeria Disgusto.

Learn about his story, process and what is next for him in his creative adventures. A great perspective with an impressive artist.