This week’s featured artist is David Sedgwick of Studio DBD. We came to learn of him through his work through with Manchester based brewery Track Brewery by way of a recommendation and appreciation of his work from Kasper of To øl. Those are my favorites.

David's appreciation of life through hard work and dedication was apparent throughout our talk. He shares about his style and how it is used to bring his client's vision and ideas to life, what Studio DBD means and how early jobs working with his father shaped his perspective on life and work.

Interviews like this are easy. An instant connection and shared perspective on the bigger picture made for a fluid and relaxed vibe that I shoot for each week. Connecting with folks from around the world like David is one of the true joys of this project. It is truly a Fievel / American Tail type moment (obscure movie reference I know). Enjoy and have a great weekend. Thank you all for being a part of this adventure and community.