What an exciting adventure and it only continues to get better. It is with great pleasure that I share with you the next 12-pack of amazingly talented artists who are going to be featured here at the 16oz. Canvas - the Art of Craft Beer Podcast. We are just getting started and can't wait for you to learn more about these talented individuals. Stay tuned, but don't be a stranger.

Artist: Mike Van Hall
Breweries: Stillwater Artisanal & Aslin Beer Co
IG: Opprobriations
Website: Opprobriations.com

Artist: Lindsey Tweed
Brewery: Tröegs
IG: Styrovor
Website: Styrovor.com

Artist: Lisa Sotero
Brewery: Stony Creek
Website: Gruntled Design

Artist: Daniel Endicott
Brewery: Forest and Main
IG: Danend81
Website: Danielendicott.com

Artist: Sarah Shannon
Brewery: Triple Cross Brewing
Website: Foggy London Towne

Artist: Brett Habekorn
Brewery: Founders Brewing Co.

Artist: Jason Burke
Brewery: Pipeworks Brewing Company
Website: Ink & Lead Designs

Artist: Max Toth
Brewery: Black Hog Brewing
IG: MaxToth
Website: MaxToth.com

Artist: Robby Davis
Brewery: Against the Grain
IG: RobbyDavis01
Website: RobbyDavis.com

Artist: David Kaminsky
Brewery: Heist Brewing
IG: DecayDave

Artist: Warren Cathro
Brewery: Liquid Riot Bottling Co.
IG: ThroCreative
Website: ThroCreative.com

Artist: Tim Oxton
Brewery: Night Shift Brewing
IG: TixOxton
Website: TimOxton.com