Featured on Upcoming Episodes of the 16oz. Canvas

Shelton, CT, September 18, 2018–  We here at The 16oz. Canvas are happy to announce our eight 12-pack of artists today. Each week we introduce our audience to artists, designers and illustrators from around the world that help bring our favorite beers and breweries to life. Each week is an exciting introspective into an important but niche piece of the industry. The beauty of this project is not only do we learn about their process, but their stories of hard work and entrepreneurship that inspires so many.

We are well over a year into the project and continue to build momentum and grow our community of listeners, supporters and artists. The project officially launched on April 7th of 2017 in conjunction with National Beer Day. The community is growing as we work to discover new artists and their portfolios together. Artists new and old appear on the show to share their experiences and insights at various stages of their careers to help paint a more robust picture of the life and trials of being an artist and designer. Common themes of hard work, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit are staples of each episode. All of our interviews and genuine, honest and simple discussions between strangers who learn about each other and the human spirit through a common connection and appreciation of art and life.

We are beer agnostic, so while there will be times that we feature some of our favorite breweries from around the globe, our focus here is on art, design and process. Our hope is that the beer is just as good as the art, but we all know that isn’t always be the case and we’re OK with that. Each episode can be found on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, TuneIn as well as our website or wherever your favorite podcasts are enjoyed.

Host AJ Keirans, brings together two of his passions for this project – craft beer and radio. The three-time ‘Best Local Radio Personality’ is an active member of the CT beer community and brings that energy to the Canvas each week.  


Artist: Drew Millward
BreweryBundobust Brewing Co.
Instagram:  DrewMillward

Artist: Jason Lynch
Brewery: Decadent Ales
IG: JasonLynchNYC

Artist: Tommy Lee
Brewery: Appalachian Mountain Brewery

Artist: Chris Kemp
Brewery: Revelry Brewing
IG: Sea_Kemp

Artist: Jessica Battista
Brewery: CT Valley Brewing
IG: JessicaBattistaArt

Artist: Sophie De Vere
Brewery: Whiplash Brewing Company
IG: Sophie_DeVere

Artist: Eric Wolfe Sahlsten
Brewery: Motorworks Brewing
IG: Eric_W_Sahlsten

Artist: Miguel Rivas
Brewery: The Beer Trekker
IG: TheBeerTrekker

Artist: Caitlyn Mayers
Brewery: Triple Crossing
IG: CaitlynMayers

Artist: Matt Varnish
Brewery: Brouwerij West
IG: MattVarnish

Artist: Tyler Cristobal
Brewery: Home Brewing Co.
IG: TyLizo

Artist: Richard Norgate
Brewery: Magic Rock Brewing Co.
IG: richnorgate