Featured on Upcoming Episodes of the 16oz. Canvas

Shelton, CT, January 11, 2018 –  We here at The 16oz. Canvas are happy to announce our fifth 12-pack of artists that will be featured as part of this project. Our goal is to introduce you to an eclectic mix of artists, designers and illustrators from around the world that help bring our favorite beers and breweries to life. 2017 closed with us producing 42 episodes featuring artists from around the country as well as Canada and Sweden. The project will continue to make this a global endeavor and this season is no different as we connect with our first artist in the Southern Hemisphere by way of New Zealand, Tim Gibson of Garage Project.

The project officially launched on April 7th of 2017 in conjunction with National Beer Day and will celebrate its first anniversary during the completion of this season. Part of our mission is to showcase not only their art and process, but their career and journey. These stories and discussions allow for introspective thought and memories that have helped define their style and themes today. Common themes of hard work, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit are staples of each episode. Each episode has a foundation and framework of questions, but our goal is for an organic experience that allows the listener to learn more about each artist in their own words. It is a truly unique and rare opportunity to learn from them and get a glimpse into their world.

What started off as a brainstorm, rough sketch and a dream almost a year ago has evolved into a niche projected with a growing and engaged community from all over the world. Now more than ever with the continued increase in the number of breweries, more on-site distribution and greener choice of canning this project continues to play an integral role in the Craft Beer Industry. Our artists share their stories and paths at different stages of their professional career. Some are seasoned vets while others are just breaking out, regardless of their tenure they each allow the listener to learn something new about technique, business and even their favorite bands. We are beer agnostic, so while there will be times that we feature some of our favorite breweries from around the globe, our focus here is on art, design and process. Our hope is that the beer is just as good as the art, but we all know that isn’t always be the case and we’re OK with that. The conversations are organic, framed around a common shell of questions but the responses and conversations are real, honest and warm.

The podcast will launch its 43rd episode this Friday January 12th. This the first episode of 2018 will feature Benjamin Neidhart who is the Owner, Head Brewer and Designer at OEC Brewing in Oxford, CT. Each episode can be found on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, TuneIn as well as our website or wherever your favorite podcasts are enjoyed. This project is an evolving one that is looking for ways to bring the podcast to life and to the masses one week at a time. We are currently in the planning stages to hosts events in 3-D in the second half of the year so be on the lookout for that announcement in the near future.

Host AJ Keirans, brings together two of his passions for this project – craft beer and radio. The three-time ‘Best Local Radio Personality’ is an active member of the CT beer community and brings that energy to the Canvas each week.  


Artist: Jourdon Gullett
Brewery: Solemn Oath Brewery
IG:  Jourdon

Artist: Nikki Jarecki
Brewery: Off Color Brewing
IG: NikkiJarecki

Artist: Leslie Herman
Brewery: Fat Orange Cat Brew Co.
IG: Leslie.Herman

Artist: Josh Emrich
Brewery: Bottle Logic Brewing
IG: Emrichoffice

Artist: Joe Cappa
Brewery: American Solera
IG: JoeCappa

Artist: Dinah Fried & Joe Marianek
Brewery: Other Half Brewing
IG: SmallStuffNYC

Artist: Adam Forman
Brewery: Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales
IG: Dutchrubb

Artist: Kendra Kuliga
Brewery: 3 Stars Brewing
IG: Cielo.Productions

Artist: Daniel Birch
Brewery: Barrier Brewing Co.
IG: DFBirch

Artist: Tim Gibson
Brewery: Garage Project
IG: FlyingWhities

Artist: Joey Potts
Brewery: 18th Street Brewery
IG: Joey_Potts

Artist: Phineas Jones
Brewery: Half Acre Beer Company
IG: Phineas