Featured on Upcoming Episodes of the 16oz. Canvas

Shelton, CT, July 31, 2017– The 16oz. Canvas is happy to share with you our next round of amazingly talented artists from around the world as part of our third 12-pack. This list is special as it features our first two international artists from The Netherlands and Sweden. Hosted by AJ Keirans, the goal each week is to introduce you to the artists who bring your favorite beers and breweries to life through their aesthetic, design and creative expression. The project officially launched on April 7th of of this year in conjunction with National Beer Day and continues to grow in popularity each week. Each episode features a standard shell of questions that are used as the jumping off point to learn more about each artist’s path, life and process. It is an intimate opportunity to learn more about your favorite beers and how the style and design outside of the can comes to reality.

What started off as a brainstorm, rough sketch and a dream almost a year ago has evolved into a dedicated effort to showcase the amazingly talented individuals that are an integral part of the Craft Beer Industry. From stories of hard work and dedication to becoming an artrepeneur, the 16oz. Canvas has something for aspiring artists and designers alike as well as those who are looking to take their business and efforts to the next level. This project is a beer agnostic one, so while there will be times that we feature some of our favorite breweries from around the globe, our focus here is on art, design and process to showcase each pen or brush stroke that make these designs possible.  Our hope is that the beer is just as good as the art, but we all know that isn’t always be the case and we’re OK with that.

The podcast will launch its 21th episode this week on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, TuneIn and many other sites where your favorite podcasts are enjoyed. This project is an evolving one that is looking for ways to bring the podcast to life and to the masses one week at a time. The team continues to research and connect with the artists and designers around the country who are responsible for these impressive designs and themes.  Their stories and adventures are unique and inspiring while giving a glimpse into their personality and creative process. Whether you’re a beer snob, art lover, entrepreneur or podcast addict, this project has something for everyone.

Artist: Vincent Sapthu
Breweries: Walhalla 
IG: Vincentsapthu

Artist: Sandy Plunkett
Brewery: Jackie O's Brewery

Artist: Lauren Grimm
Brewery: Grimm Ales
IG: GrimmAles
Website: Grimm Ales

Artist: Tim Bottchen
Brewery: Side Project Brewing
IG: Beeslo


Artist: Jake Alexander
Brewery: Cellarmaker Brewing Co.
IG: TheStumbledFood
Website: CreativeSF

Artist: Karl Grandin
Brewery: Omnipollo
IG: KarlGrandin

Artist: Alex Peltz
Brewery: Hill Farmstead
IG: AlexWPeltz


Artist: Kevin Cimo
Brewery: Trillium Brewing Co.
IG: KCimo

Artist: Nick Gamma
Brewery: Outer Light Brewing Company
IG: HopsandBranding

Artist: Peter Wano
Brewery: Pipeworks Brewing Company
IG: Wano Art

Artist: Matt Sharp
Brewery: 350 Brewing Co.
IG: MatthewRyanSharp

Artist: BJ Wheatley
Brewery: RAR Brewing
IG: BJSkribbs