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Hometown: Morrisville, VT

Breweries: The Alchemist  /  Collective Arts 

One of your favorite Label Artists: From this series— I find I’m drawn to the line work of Lisa Sotero, Stony Creek and Kevin Cimo of Trillium. I am also a fan of Howell Golson who designs labels for Wicked Weed in Asheville, NC.

When the art on beer labels first came across my radar (about the time when I discovered craft beer— late 1990s), I was a fan of the Unibroue labels (Chamblay, QC) — they transport you with narrative-rich imagery. I also liked the wood-block-like style of the Dechutes Brewing Co out of Bend, OR. And finally, I like just the simple Miller Lite can. It just reads “Lite” but we all know it’s a Miller. Brilliant.

Fun Fact: I was a server at the Alchemist Pub & Brewery back for a short time when I was 26 (15 years ago!). I ran into Jen & John (co-owners) while conducting a paint-by-number mural activity for wayward kids at the local ski resort. They hired me to create paintings of peeing people at the pub. My first paid public mural. I did little projects for them here and there (including an oxygenated water logo and a kombucha logo) until I got hired on full time five years ago as the Art Director at The Alchemist.

Bio: Jess Graham, born in 1977, grew up in Morrisville, Vermont, USA. After a stint in Brooklyn, NY and travels in the States, Eastern Europe and the Caribbean, she ended up where she began.

She started Jess Graham Studio, in 2007 creating illustrations for hire and schlepping prints of her paintings to regional art fairs. Now she juggles creating designs, murals and paintings for a growing client base with working as the in-house designer for the Alchemist Brewery.

Jess Graham’s work is expressive, irreverent and textural. Her life as a mountain biker, snowboarder and (novice) surfer influence the lines and energy of her work. As do many people who call the mountains their home, she finds when out-of- doors she is more fully infused with life.