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Episode 90 - Matt "Varnish" Taylor (Brouwerij West)

Episode 90 - Matt "Varnish" Taylor (Brouwerij West)

This week's featured artist is Matt "Varnish" Taylor, the Grammy Award winning founder of Varnish Studio. We came to learn of Matt through his work with Brouwerij West, but his portfolio is rocking and vast including the likes of Trey Anastasio (Phish), Red Hot Chili Peppers (won his Grammy for Stadium Arcadium album art), The Bruery, Lost Abbey, Coda Brewing, World of Warcraft, Paris Hilton, Roadhouse Brewing, Flying Machine Brewing and honestly so much more including Tim Burton to name drop a few.

Matt is a proud father whose story shows that through hard work and passion you can do great things. He is a natural story teller and some of them are great insights and behind the scenes that mix dedication, luck, life and passion to create a great story of a designer who loves his family and his job and is following his path to bring all of these things to life.

His crazy wearing a ton of hats photo had me wondering what was to come of this episode but it’s perfect for our 90th. Great insight for those who are starting out as well as those of you who are in the thick of it. Inspiration is all over this one.

Have a great weekend. Enjoy this one and thank you all for being a part of this journey together. Look for the announcement soon on our 9th Season of artists and don’t be a stranger.