Hometown: Uhhhh..... lolllllll.. I guess Portland, Maine? 


Instagram: @diegeistart @48beerproject 

Other Site(s): just my porn site 

Breweries: Oh boy. Here it goes... Bissell Bros, Boothbay Craft Brewing, Tumbledown Brewing, Norway Brewing, Foulmouthed Brewing, Barreled Souls, J Wakefield, Fieldwork Brewing, Horus Aged Ales/El Segundo, Calle Cimarrona/KCBC, Island Dog Brewing, Mother Earth Brewing, Delta Collective, Timberyard, Medusa Brewing, Cold Harbor 

48 Beer Project Breweries: Allagash, Trillium, Foam, Plan Bee, Long Live, Beer’d, Wilmington Brew Works, Union Craft Brewing, Adroit Theory, Weathered Ground, Civil Society, Bond Brothers, Birds Fly South, Blackberry Farm, Lazy Magnolia, Parleaux Beer Lab, Ozark, Perennial, Central Standard, Prairie, Collective Brewing Project, Ex Novo (NM), Tombstone, Casa Agria, E9, Great Notion, Woodland Empire Ale Craft, Epic (UT), Melvin, Bozeman, Cerebral, Brickway Brewing and Distillery, Fernson, Drekker, Wild Mind, Exile, Funk Factory, Creature Comforts, Fairhope, Indiana City, Speciation, Mikerphone, Dancing Gnome, Jackie Os, Northwoods, Magnify, Against the Grain, Tonopah 

One of your favorite Label Artists: Josh Cockrell (Jester King)...and many more! 

Fun Fact / Interesting Anecdote: Eating Ben and Jerry’s ice cream every day will make you gain weight....... 

Bio: For the past 12 years, artist Heidi Geist has evolved her work in the Portland Maine area, experimenting with a variety of mediums, including years of blacklight responsive art. Having started primarily with set design and backdrops